What is the Indiana CoWorking Passport (ICP)?

The Indiana CoWorking Passport (ICP) is a reciprocal rights arrangement between top co-working and innovation hubs in Indiana. Co-workers at an ICP member site may request the ability to work at a fellow ICP remote site one day per month. ICP is member managed and free to co-working sites and their members.

How do I use a member location?

Access the ICP website at www.Indianacoworkingpassport.com. Using the embedded registration form, select your home location and the location you wish to co-work at for the day. Include your information and click submit. Your home location and the remote location will be notified and you will receive a copy of your request

How often may I use my ICP privileges?

You may stop in to work at another participating co-working space one time per month.

What if I am going to another city for more than a day?

ICP is built around a one time per month use. Any additional use is not expected of an ICP site and is left entirely to their discretion.

Why are the co-working sites doing this?

The co-working network recognizes the value of connecting entrepreneurs throughout Indiana.This vital connectivity supports and builds the entrepreneurial ecosystem throughout the Indiana entrepreneurial ecosystem.

How much does it cost me to use an ICP remote site?

Nada, zip, zilch.

Where do I get more info?

Check the ICP website for the latest information and to submit a request to work at a remote location. www.Indianacoworkingpassport.com

How long will the ICP be in place?

The ICP will continue as long as it is effective for entrepreneurs and the co-working facilities. The ICP co-working arrangements are reliant upon the good graces of the ICP participating facilities and the thoughtful use of the individual members choosing to use remote work arrangements. Please do your best to operate with the highest degree of consideration for the members of the co-working facilities you visit .

What co-working facilities are participating?

Check the map below for our participating facilities!

Why is “co-working” spelled differently in different places?

When we are referring to the proper name “Indiana CoWorking Passport,” we are combining the word “co-working” into one word. Honestly, this format works better for the web address and logo. We do believe this format will be added to Webster’s Dictionary in their next revision. When using the word “co-working” as description in sentence, the word is hyphenated according to Webster’s current rules.